Does It Suck Foe Giant iPhone Zoom Lens?

Does It Suck Foe Giant iPhone Zoom LensWhat’s Up Guys? Lew here back with another video… and today… we’re going to… it’s going to be a resurgance of a series. Which most of you know about, some of you don’t. It’s called “Does It Suck?” And what we do here on that show, on this channel, is we look at items from Amazon – usually that y’know You’re probably skeptical about.

This my friends is probably something that you have skipped past, scrolled past, you’ve seen it and you’ve said, “Those things can’t be any good, can they?” Better yet, let’s put it in Unbox Therapy Terms. Lew, does it suck? This is a giant telephoto lens for your smartphone. These things, I mean, look at that monstrosity right there.

Look at that. I mean it’s optics, right? I mean you’re putting it in front of your smartphone lens and you’re hoping it gets some extra range. Maybe It’s not bad. Maybe it doesn’t suck. Probably does. Oh look at the phones suggested on the side, bunch of old school devices. Including iPhone with a capital “I”… And a space. Whoa… That… is even bigger than I expected it to be. [Laughs] This, you think smartphone and you think this. Decent piece of glass there. Couple of caps to protect it.

A mini little trip- Well that’s useful on its own. And then a mounting bracket. That’s what makes it universal, this thing here. What’s that gonna be for? Is that gonna go in there? A cleaning cloth, a traveling pouch. That’s it. That’s what you get. It’s really amazing that these things sell as well as they do on Amazon.

People seem to think they need it. And everyone’s doing their photography on their… on their phone so maybe they’re like “Hey, this is the next step.” “This is gonna take me to the next level of Instagram photography.” Does this screw in here? You kinda get this adapter on… Line up the lens. Oh man.

That’s gonna be tough to do. Okay. Come on. You can do this. Still moving around. My phone’s powering off… It’s hitting all the buttons on the side. Volume’s up and down. Oh man. This is… this is bad news right now. I’m almost a real photographer guys. Wait, am I even- This is perfect for the elevator music right now. We haven’t used that in a while, eh? Oh, man. That’s off. Setup is not the strong suite here.

Alright. Have I got it?Let’s find out. [Laughs] Oh, I see something. What am I do- What is this? What if I just did like this and I just line up the thing on my own? First of all it can barely stand up. Well anybody who has to be doing… what I’m doing right now- Even one time is too many times! Feel like I got something here. I’m going to snap a photo real quick. That’s your photo right there, Jack. [Laughs] This thing sucks! It’s terrible! You’ll hate yourself for having purchased it.

I did one. A lens adapter case for the iPhone which… which was good. This is a nightmare. I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight after this. Having nightmares. Right now. This is for those DJ’s, button pushers. You’re at the club and everybody’s… Having a good time and they’re like… There is the god of the music over there. Which one? Who are you pointing at? The man in the gold.

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